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Korean Red Ginseng (KRG) is known as a natural food. In Korea, KRG's health and medicinal
value is widely accepted and is literally sold in almost every pharmacy, grocery and department
store. My 75 year old grandmother, who is always being mistaken for a much younger age has
consumed Red Ginseng practically her whole life and says, Korean Red Ginseng is the reason
for her optimal health. She has always encouraged everyone in my family to also take advantage
of its many health benefits. After witnessing the postitive suport that Korean Red Ginseng was
able to provide my father, a type 2 diabetic, I too became a true believer.
Authentic, six year grown Red Ginseng is strictly controlled and closely monitored by the Korean
government to protect the integrity of their KRG as there are many imitations. I had to travel
to Korea, where I was fortunate enough to secure the highest grade of 6 year grown KRG from a
reputable and reliable supplier. With a fantastic taste and zero calories, everyone can enjoy a
wide range of benefits from this product.
My mission is to provide consumers with a healthier beverage alternative, that delivers
true high grade Korean Red Ginseng. With 500mg of 6 year KRG in each can, a full
recommended serving; consumers of this drink may feel the benefits it has to offer.
Root9 is, "your root for life," and hopes to inspire you to continue your journey for
everlasting vitality.  
Greetings from our Co-Founder Jennifer Axton
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